Our Competences

Experienced Optical System Design

High Precision Tooling

Optical, Mechanical, and Electronic System Integration                     

Quality Assurance

The in-house capabilities of high precision optical components and tooling manufacturing allow us to deliver variety of specialized optics and mechanics. Moreover,  the verification of system performance is also an important procedure to a successful product. Consequently, the building of testing technologies and quality assurance system is a way to assure the successes of our customers. MAXEMIL owns cutting-edge optical testing instruments and testing technologies; besides, we are ISO 9000 certificated company. 


Founded in 1996, MAXEMIL Photonics  started as an optical design consulting company to offer the optical system designs and consulting services  to the industry. In order to service our customer from design to manufacturing, we started a factory to produce polymer optics in 2000.  

We are proud of assisting our customers in developing novel and state-of-the-art solutions to meet optical challenges. We are proud of having the extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of optical products, such as camera zoom lenses, optical pickup head, scanner, video lens, and digital data projector. It is our pleasure to establish the partnerships with our customers and work with them on the stages of idea, engineering, prototyping, tooling, trial runs, and mass production.               

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